Director of Advanced Mfg
Clinton College

136 Clinton Point Drive
Plattsburgh, NY 12901


            - Motivated team oriented leader encompassing a strong work ethic with a positive attitude capable of 

                 applying creativity and problem solving skills to any situation.



Union Graduate College, Schenectady, NY                                                                                                                                June 2011

               - Master of Science in Engineering and Management

Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY                                                                                                                                             May 2009                                   

               - Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering                                                                                                          


Certificates/Technical Skills:

Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC)                                                                                                                  May 2014

               - Certified Production Technician (Safety, Quality, Maintenance, Manufacturing Processes)                           

               - Green Production

Technical Skills

               - CAD (AutoDesk, ProEngineer, Solid Edge, SolidWorks) / CAM (G-code, M-code, MasterCam)/Finite Element Analysis

               - Troubleshooting (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic systems, instrumentation, electrical systems, plc)

Work Experience:

Clinton Community College, Plattsburgh, NY                                                                                                                     2013 – Present

               - Director of Advanced Manufacturing and Technology                                                                                        2016- Present

               - Chair the IAM Business Advisory Board, and IAM Educational Partners

               - Network with local industry, and community and technical colleges across the nation to further the development of the IAM

               - Support and assist in oversite of architects and contractors with construction efforts

               - Active role in developing programming, updating business plan

               - Work with the Technology department to update the delivery methods and content of material to better suit industry

               - Active role in Manufacturing Day planning Committee

               - Assist in organization of Manufacturing educational events on campus

               - Started/oversee Engineering and Technology Career Exploring Post

     - Institute for Advanced Manufacturing (IAM) Coordinator/Assistant Professor                                                           2016

               - Active role aiding in planning, design, programming, business plan development, and vision for the IAM      

               - Chair the IAM Business Advisory Board, and IAM Educational Partners

               - Network with local industry, and community and technical colleges across the nation to further the development of the IAM

     - Assistant Professor Mechanical Technology                                                                                                         2013 - 2016

     - Mechanical Technology program coordinator.

     - Prepare lesson plans and evaluation instruments for credit courses as well as specialized training for industry.

     - Oversee lab activities.

     - Work with advisory board and other members of local industry to keep the program up to date and make

sure the students are receiving the knowledge required.

     - CV-Tech (DAAD) Advisory Board Member

     - Member of Assessment committee, Strategic Planning Committee

Safety Compliance Services, Syracuse, NY                                                                                                                        2013 – Present

               - Stand by confined space rescue service for industry

               - Instruct OSHA topics

               - Instruct industry in confined space awareness and to become confined space technicians

Benet Laboratories (Dept. of Defense), Watervliet, NY                                                                                                        2009 – 2013

               - Engineering Project Leader

               - Aid in design and analysis of system component to military spec

               - Wrote new and updated current Technical Data Manuals and Operational procedures

               - Instruct users onsite for proper use, maintenance, and safety of new products

               - Compile feedback/work with end user to achieve their needs in updated/new products

Volunteer Activities/Organizations:

Adirondack Young Professionals                                                                                                                                        2015 - Present

              - Board Member                                                                                                                                                                2017

               - Active Member

District 3 Fire Department, Plattsburgh, NY                                                                                                                      2014 – Present

              - Training officer/Chairman of the Truck Committee

               - Curriculum development and implementation into department drills and training plan

               - Development and preparation of new department S.O.G./S.O.P.