EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE                                                      

April 2018

NCATC Friends and Colleagues,

Spring is a great time for planning and refocusing as we look toward new opportunities for collaboration with our community partners. It’s a particularly good time for an assessment of how well we’re keeping up with the workforce development needs of our business and industry partners and the venues and formats in which we’re engaging them. Nearly everyone reading this newsletter manages one, if not several, industry advisory committees. How often do you engage your committee? Do they co-lead the committee’s work? How frequently do they provide input on training program competencies? How balanced is your committee makeup, both in type of companies represented as well as the positions held by those involved? How diverse is your committee? What type of work-based learning opportunities are they providing your students? These are just a few examples of the continuous assessment questions colleges with Business and Industry Leadership Teams (BILT) ask themselves regularly. If you’re intrigued by this model, learn more from our Strategic Partner Alliance (SPA) friends with the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) ATE Program about implementing a BILT to help you continually improve critical relationships with business and industry to best meet local needs.  

NCATC’s Board continues to partner with our ATC network of over 160 community and technical colleges and 30 corporate Strategic Partners to develop and deliver promising and best practices in key workforce areas. Learn more about each of NCATC’s Strategic Focus Areas here. One of our most recent projects revolves around our top Focus Area―Industry 4.0: Emerging Trends in Advanced Technology and Smart Manufacturing. We have partnered with AACC and the Arconic Foundation to help improve the content and processes for education and training on behalf of the employment pipelines in selected Arconic communities through asset identification, community preparation, and identification of promising practices in advanced technology and manufacturing. The project will provide technical assistance to a cohort of nine colleges in diverse areas such as Cybersecurity, Simulation, System Integration, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT), Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Robotics, etc.  For more details, see the AACC Press Release here.

The NCATC Board of Directors and staff look forward to seeing you at the 2018 NCATC 30th Anniversary National Events:  

  • We will be in California for our Summer Workshop, hosted by College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, CA, June 4-5, 2018.
  • For the 30th Anniversary Fall Conference, September 19-21, 2018, we return to the home of two founding member colleges, Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) and Lorain County Community College (LCCC) in Cleveland, OH.

For more event details, visit ncatc.org.

As always, we encourage you to stay regularly connected, via the NCATC website, social media, and quarterly e-newsletters like this one.

J. Craig McAtee, NCATC Executive Director