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President's Advocacy Council

Mission Statement

The Presidents’ Advocacy Council of the National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers supports Coalition activities, programs, and initiatives by providing executive presence and assistance where needed. 

Advice and Guidance
Provide the NCATC Board of Directors with advice and guidance in their management of the Coalition

Membership Assistance
Provide assistance in the recruitment of new members to the Coalition
Provide assistance in the retention of members of the Coalition

Conferences and Workshops
Serve on a Presidents’ Panel as periodically set in the conference agenda
Provide assistance in obtaining keynote speakers
Provide assistance in obtaining business sector speaker and forum participants
Encourage attendance from NCATC colleges

PAC Meetings
Attend two annual PAC meetings: one at the NCATC fall conference and one at the AACC Convention

Provide assistance in obtaining articles for the NCATC newsletters

General Support
Provide support from their institutions with grant writing, graphics and printing, and other types of fiscal and in-kind support such as:
•Conference and workshop brochure design and printing
•Hosting conferences and workshops
•Sponsoring various general operations and conference/workshop activities
•Host NCATC Conferences and Workshops

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