NCATC 2012 FALL CONFERENCE - October 3 - 5, 2012    


Wednesday AM / PM Sessions

P04    e-Bike Danville and Light Electric Vehicle Certification - Part 1    Part 2

P06    FABLAB:  A Tool to Support STEM, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
P07    Evolution & Overview of Composite Materials - Part A      Part B
P08    Bringing GeoThermal Training to Technical Education

Thursday AM Sessions

P13    Leading Transformative Partnerships at the Confluence of Community Engatement, Economic Development....
P16    It All Adds Up:  The Science of Additive Manufacturing - Part A    Part B
P17    Accelerate Competence - Enhance Quality - Increase Productivity
P18    Rural Business Incubation - It's More Than Just Hatching Chickens - Part A      Part B
P20    Building Energy Partnerships - Collaboration bettween Traine and Gateway Technical College


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