NCATC 2015 SUMMER WORKSHOP INDUSTRY TOURS (Attendees select one when they register)

Workshop Dates:  June 10 - 12, 2015

Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 56 acres of land, Eastman employs approximately 250 highly skilled employees at this location. The Jefferson, PA site has been a prosperous manufacturing location for almost 60 years. The Pittsburgh region is a multi-faceted economic community that includes heavy industry, corporate services, light manufacturing, advanced technology, education and health care.

This site has industrial capabilities in many chemicals, advanced operating capabilities, reliable support services and utilities, and a waste treatment for aqueous waste.

Employees at the Jefferson site have a long history of community involvement. Current outreach programs receive both financial resources and volunteer time.

Jefferson operations are regulated by the local Allegheny County Health Department, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Coast Guard agencies. By partnering with these agencies, Eastman’s Jefferson site has built a strong relationship based on good performance and strategic environmental goals. 

The site has fully embraced the Responsible Care® initiative and uses the management system’s approach to deliver and sustain a high level of compliance. The Jefferson site successfully achieved certification in its Responsible Care Management System in 2007. The Jefferson site also reaches out to its community through a Community Advisory Panel (CAP) that has been active for over 11 years.

At Equipment & Controls, Inc. we work in concert with you to understand your needs and to develop the most efficient and effective automation solutions for your operation. 

With over 60 years of service in the Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and bordering territories, they understand the unique demands of their customers. ECI  draws on their internal as well as Emerson Process Management resources to help customers make the best of their valves, regulators and process management systems. 

Equipment & Controls, Inc. was recently recognized as an outstanding workplace by three different polls.The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Top Workplace survey ranked ECI’s Cleveland office 13th in “small-

sized” companies as Best Place to Work. In Pittsburgh, the Post-Gazette ranked ECI 4th as Best Place to Work for “mid-sized” companies. ECI also received a First Place award for greatest Employee Appreciation. ECI was recognized again by the Washington County Chamber of Commerce and the Washington Business Journal as the #1 Employer of Excellence for “mid-sized” companies in their 2013 report. ECI’s #1 spot was attributed to high scores in 37 categories such as low turnover, high profit sharing, generous benefits package, etc.

ExOne, a publicly traded manufacturing technology company, provides 3D printing machines, 3D printed products and related services to industrial customers in multiple segments, including pumps, automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and energy. The ExOne® process, which utilizes binder jetting technology with industrial materials, gives traditional manufacturers an opportunity to reduce costs, lower the risk of trial and error and create opportunities for design innovation.